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The reduction in fuel sulphur content that has taken place over the past few years in kerosene has resulted in a ‘coarser’ fuel that increases the wear rate on injectors and fuel pumps. Peak Kero Lubricity Additive XO1530KL compensates for this loss of the fuel’s natural lubricity.

Exocet Kerosene Lubricity Additive is typically used when kerosene is used in lieu of gas oil or diesel in stationary equipment.


Low sulphur kerosene does not have the same lubricating properties as additised gas oil or diesel, which often contain suitable ‘lubricity additives’. Exocet Kerosene Lubricity Additive compensates for this natural lack of lubricity and ensures wear rates are minimised and equipment life maintained.

Typical applications are grain dryers.

  • Forms a protective layer on metal surfaces
  • Creates a barrier to reduce contact and friction
  • Replaces lubricity agents lost in lower sulphur fuels
  • Prolongs pump life
  • Reduces wear

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